create the call center / pbx directly for your business and take advantage of its modern capabilities. Three-month package. Select the number of internal numbers:



By renting a call center from our company you can save the initial costs of installing and purchasing a call center and devices for your business as callcentery.com will undertake to create for you a call center according to your needs without initial cost regulation, while you only pay the price for renting it.

  • Rental of call center with fixed price €8.99 / month per internal number (minimum duration 3 months)
  • Without initial setup costs
  • Technical Support 24/365

With the Call Center hire service you will have as many internal numbers as you need, accessible from conventional devices or smartphones with all the modern features of a call center such as:

  • Welcome message
  • IVR menu (for the sales department press one, for technical support press twice)
  • Music on hold
  • Pre-recorded messages of your choice
  • SIP protocol support (phone devices, smartphones, windows android apps, etc.)
  • Answering machine

Your business will be carefree for the seamless, seamless operation of your call center all the time and all the days of the year. The service is done in a cloud environment and it solves your hands as there will be no need for a separate PBX unit that you need to buy and install at your site at initial setup costs and permanent crash (hardware failure). callcentery.com gives you the solution.